Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 13. Day 194. To cap it all off

Although it would explain a lot in terms of my general awkwardness and supreme ability to walk into things without even trying, I am pretty sure I did not spend the first four and a half decades of my life on this earth walking around with my eyes closed.
And yet, there are so many things I now see that I never noticed or processed before I started walking around with a camera and actually LOOKING at what's going on around me.
Like today. Walking down Albert Street we ran into Ellen. She was wearing a long purple and blue wig, a sort of fairy tale dress in black and white and long black socks. She was carrying her shoes.
"I'm late. I'm late," she said before posing quickly and running for the bus.
It would have done but seconds later there was Hank in the Roma Street forum standing upside down on a little boy statue. His cap perfectly positioned to cap it off, so to speak. So there you have it. Today's photo.
I'm kind of glad I've learned to look. It makes life so more interesting.

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