Saturday, April 8, 2017

April 8. Day 98. Children and animals

Most mornings, a creature from the end of the bed crawls up my supine body and licks me on the face. Through my sleeping haze I mutter: "Winkle, quit it. That's disgusting". This has continues all this week, a somewhat surprising turn of events given Winkle is at home and I am not. My little buddy Elliott loves Winkle. On the first morning of my sleepovers with Elliott while his mum is in hospital I told to Mr 3-year-old of Winkle's morning routine. He decided this was hilarious and thus each morning since we have had a re-enactment. In play me and Elliott play Winkle. He even licks me on the face. It's disgusting but incredible cute too . Elliott loves both my dogs but has a special spot in his heart for Winkle precisely because of the licking thing. So today after breakfast I brought the terrible two over for a game in the back garden. Both parties seemed to agree that this was a fine idea, so much so that I promised to do the same again tomorrow. Those who say you should never work with children or animals clearly have no love for either. They are so loving and fun. I can do without the licks but I'm happy to accept them too.

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