Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April 18. Day 108. Forget me not

During my time
working as a journalist in Noosa,  we loved a story about things people left on Main Beach. Towels, togs, beach balls, shoes, watches, wallets, sun screen and once there was even an artificial leg. Now I'm forgetful and I don't know what it's like to have a prosthetic limb. Still I'm pretty sure if I went to the beach with two legs I'd notice if I left with only one. Of course the most likely explanation is not that someone got so legless at a beachside bar that they left legless. It is much more likely the leg washed off a ship and was carried to shore. The sea gives and the sea takes away. We had such an experience overnight. Yesterday, the dogs' favourite floating ball was carried out to sea. After an extensive search we decided that a burial at sea wasn't such a bad way to go. This morning we were back at the beach with a reserve ball. And then right at the very top of the high tide mark right at the edge of the dunes was the ball. The sea had given it up and my dogs were so, so happy. And when the dogs are happy the people are having a ball ...

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