Thursday, April 13, 2017

April 13. Day 103. Little kids. Little problems

There's this saying "Little kids, little problems. Big kids, big problems". There is no way, no way I am going to say that to a mum who has had no sleep, ears practically bleeding from the screaming, has engorged breasts and is covered in body fluids. It's pretty condescending when you think about it. The take-home message is that you know nothing. Wait until you get to the real problems in the teen years. Each stage brings its own unique troubles and its joys. Babies are simple. When they cry it generally means tired, hungry or dirty. A boob, a bed, a blanket or a baby wipe and the problem is pretty much sorted. Eventually. After hours of crying, wind and a bit of vomiting. It's physically exhausting. But look at those dimples and pink creases and the pain melts. Teenagers are emotionally draining and the answers to the problems are rarely obvious. But you do get adult conversation, independence and an extra pair of hands. Plus there is the satisfaction of seeing the fruits of your labour. This afternoon my teen came with me when I visited my friend with her little person and very little person. While I admired the freshly washed and sweet smelling bundle of cuteness, Drama Teen was out the back playing with Mr 3. Listening to the game brought a smile to heart. He had all the moves and just the right tone. It was pretty sweet. And it seemed like just yesterday he was the one in the baby bath.

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