Sunday, April 16, 2017

April 16. Day 106. Celebrating new life

Should aliens have arrived on earth today they would have been justifiably confused. Rabbits everywhere. The rabbits appear to lay eggs made of chocolate and for good measure there are buns with crosses on the top. There are symbols galore which are like seriously mixed metaphors. Of course if you approach this from a religious not a secular standpoint it all makes perfect sense. For people of Christian faith this is the most holy season celebrating the crucifixion and the resurrection. The symbols represent the death and new life. This meaning is as opaque to many on earth not just aliens. Someone was obviously determined that the message wasn't lost in a projectile vomit of chocolate. When I was visiting little baby Owen - the closest I get to new life - we looked up. A sky writer had just finished his artwork. We waited a bit thinking there was more to come before uncracking the code (I know, stupid). A cross, an equals sign, a heart or the crucifixion equals love.  It made us pause for a bit before going back to a game of egg and spoon because Easter traditions come in many shapes and sizes.

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