Monday, April 17, 2017

April 17. Day 107. Diving right in

 I'm not sure who I should be thanking for this but just so no-one thinks I am ungrateful can I just say "I owe you one".
Most years the Easter school holidays start with Good Friday and extend through for two weeks. Most years the school holidays and the university holidays line up. But this year they threw away the rule book. This year, the second school term starts tomorrow and the university break has just begun. For families with children at different stages of education this could be intensely frustrating. For people working in higher education but with kids still at school, this could be intensely frustrating. But those of us no longer at the mercy of the school system this is gold. As I headed north up the Bruce Highway at the speed limit, I looked at the carpark in the south-bound lanes. Suckers, I thought, a little unkindly. I arrived at the holiday home and smiled at the thought that the people who just checked out had paid the high season rate. It's no longer school holidays so we are no longer at peak season. Bless. Now, my dogs know none of this. But my dogs know the beach when they see it. The second the ocean was in view Winkle started whimpering in anticipation. They were out of the car at the rate of knots. When they hit the beach there was not stopping them. So whoever you are in the great education vacation planning department, my dogs thank you, my university student son thanks you and my friends whose child is not yet old enough to be tied to school holidays thank you. But most of all I thank you because this is the holiday I had to have.

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