Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April 11. Day 101. Puppy love

They say dogs can tell when humans are sick and will keep up a bed-side vigil. I now suspect that dogs do the same to dogs.

 Winkle's vomiting continued unabated overnight. She was still being her crazy mischievous self and found the energy to try and eat a hat and wrestle Rumple. But Rumple seemed unconvinced. Although he clearly loves Miss Winkle she does drive him nuts. He will sneak away and find a quiet corner and hide. Not today. I was keeping watch and so was he. At one stage they were on the couch together with with Rumple resting his head on her back. It was so adorable and was just another reason I love my little fur friends. The good news is that by afternoon the vomiting had stopped. Fingers and paws crossed that's this bout is over.

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