Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April 26. Day 116. The white sheep of the family

 When Rumple was being puppy trained and he did something well I would say "Yes. Advanced." It was a standing joke based on the fact that every proud parent thinks her little one is gifted. Of course, I was right. Rumple graduated top of his puppy class. Winkle was a puppy school drop out. She's also a pretty smart puppy but she's determined to use her power for evil not good. She's everything Rumple is not.  Today I was outside and Winkle was cross she wasn't with me. She had most of her body out under the balcony rails to prove her point. We went in. She stole a roll of toilet paper. Seconds later she was executing one of her signature moves - launching herself on Rumple. He is so patient with her. They adore each other but I'm pretty sure there are times when he wishes she'd just take a chill pill. She really is a little miss. To be honest, I think that's why they are so perfect together and so perfect for our house. They could be described as chalk and cheese but in fact it's more cheese and crackers - very different but a perfect combination. One is dry and serious the other full on. I love them both even if I swear the white sheep of the family will drive me into an early grave.

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