Friday, April 28, 2017

April 28. Day 118. Old enough to know better

 Ok, I'm not one to talk and no-one should take dietary advice from me. In fact poor diet resulting in excess weight is almost certainly behind my chronic fatigue and the need for a sleep apnea study today. Bizarrely that is also the reason I had to have the gel nail polish painted on for the Logies a week ago, ground off today. I'd even managed to keep it looking awesome but the finger sensor needed for the study is impacted by the polish. So off to the nail salon. But back to the diet. I may not eat what I should and certainly not in the quantity I should but at least I know what s good diet would be. My neighbour Margaret is frustratingly different. She has Type 2 diabetes. Her diet should be quite restrictive. As the person doing her shopping, I know she is largely restricting herself to things she shouldn't be eating. Today's list included a large bag of Allen's mixed lollies, Iced Vo Vo biscuits. There was also mince for the birds (which I'm almost certain they shouldn't be eating either). As I was about to leave she mentioned something I might look out for when next at the supermarket. She was in the market for those biscuits that were half topped with chocolate. I normally bite my tongue but I really thought I should say something. "Should you be eating those?" I asked. "I only eat one at a time," she said. Yeah, one at a time, 24 times a day I thought channelling my inner glutton. She then told me that a Tommy Turkey (her name for the scrub turkeys that live in our street) had quite rudely come in her front door. Well, who could blame him? All the other birds in the street treat Margaret's house as a fly through restaurant.

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