Saturday, April 15, 2017

April 15. Day 105. Getting ahead

Just as well I'd had my hair cut before going to the markets at West End today. I'd missed the memo but apparently today it was all about accessorizing the head. And while Easter bonnet behaviour is generally associated with the very young not so much today. No-one was too young or too human to be immune to the Easter insanity. There may be some who consider this immature. I prefer fun-loving but then again I do love a bit of dressing for a theme. Indeed, I still remember a party one Easter where I dressed as a bunny. There were two unusual things about this. Firstly, it wasn't a fancy dress party but it was my party and I'd dress as a bunny if I wanted to. And the second weird thing? They wouldn't let me into the RSL bottle shop - not because I was dressed as a giant rabbit but because I didn't have any shoes on. Go figure. It kind of makes you wonder who is  the silly bunny in this story.

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