Monday, April 3, 2017

April 3. Day 93. No spring chicken

There's life in this old bird yet. But while I might not be quite ready for the chopping block yet even I admit I'm no spring chicken. Nothing brings that home quite like spending time with a small person. Tonight I found myself rolling around the floor and playing with a three-year-old. It was delightful but exhausting. But that's only part of the reason I am feeling my age. The reason I was playing with my little buddy was that his mum today gave birth to baby number 2.
She may be younger than me but not much. We were born in the same year and we went to school together. My only child is 19.and at university. The thought of having to go through the nappy years and then the puberty years not once but twice and not for a decade at least makes me feel like a little lie down. Of course children keep you young. Well so they say. It's just some days they age you a decade just like that. I'm genuinely so excited and pleased for her but would I change places? Not in a million years. I'm far too old and tired for that.

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