Friday, April 14, 2017

April 14. Day 104. Ready of not, here I come

When my niece was little, she would spend a lot of time in the cupboard with my sister, her mother. She was hiding and a cupboard is an excellent place to hide. The problem was as they were the only ones home during the day there was no-one to find them. It was a part of the hide and seek equation that seemed to escape her. Kids love hide and seek even though are almost universally dreadful at it. Just about every little person I know will go back to the same hiding place over and over again. The finder apparently suffers from short term memory loss. Under the bed? Goodness, who would have thought about hiding there. Oh that's right. You would and have done so about 75 times in a row. This afternoon I was playing hide and seek with three-year-old Elliott. He rather fancied hiding between the bamboo and the fence. And every time he went back there. We had to make very loud noises about how we had no idea where he might be although the laughing probably should have given it away. He was so excited which is why you keep doing it. Now all I need to do is get better at not seeing the the pile of laundry that needs attending to ....

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