Wednesday, April 12, 2017

April 12. Day 102. Food for thought

Where does your food come from? For a growing number of people the answer to that question is becoming really important. The food miles, the distance from paddock to plate, is a consideration in ethical eating. And the aim is to eat not only local but well - quality product and ideally organic. I'd be lying if I said I ate like that. I rarely know where my food is prepared. As it happens, I know more about where my dogs' food comes from. In fact, today I saw it happen. Today I found myself in Wandering Cooks, 1.8 kilometres from my front door. It is in these commercial kitchens that Anna of Suburban Pup prepares her organic human grade dog food. I was there to collect out next fortnight of food and took the opportunity to check the kitchen out. There was Anna hard at work making the magic happen. My dogs consider themselves human and consider dog food beneath them. Anna is the sort of dog owner who gets that. Her dogs are people too. They love the food and so do Rumple and Winkle. Just one look at my dogs and you'd have to say the food treats them well. Winkle is a little jumping jack, full of beans and powered by locally sourced organic food. Because I love them.

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  1. An honour to have you as a visitor Susan, and of course to have your babes as clients. My only excuse for that less than gorgeous photo feat. moi is that kitchen days start at 4.30am. But I love every minute onsite at the Cooks, as well as my ongoing liaison with them to keep improving suburban pup's answers to your post's opening questions. Hugs to the puppas (of course).