Sunday, April 23, 2017

April 23. Day 113. TV's Night of Nights

Good for you Samuel Johnson. Good for you.
The word in the Crown Plaza auditorium in the lead up to the Gold Logie presentation was that you wold take out the big one. I was a little skeptical because these days the prize goes to the network with the most influential marketing team. That would have suggested that one of The Project's  co-hosts Waleed Aly or Peter Helliar would have a little statue with them tonight. But it wasn't to be. In fact, a bloke at my table with obvious connections told me that Aly had told him Johnson would win.
It was odd because Johnson isn't really a household name in Australia even though his portrayal of Ian Molly Meldrum in Molly was critically acclaimed. In fact his cancer charity work on behalf of his dying sister is probably as well known as his acting. This is why I love him tonight part 1. He had tears in his eyes and so did I when he took out the award for Most Outstanding Actor.
"My sister is succumbing finally to the perils of cancer after a three-decade-long tussle.
"Rather than rolling over, she's going out blazing with an attempted world record for the longest line of coins, absurdly. She's putting together a row of coins in the shape of a love heart."
I love a man who loves his sister to tears.
I also love how dignified he was when Molly ruined his acceptance speech is a cringe-worthy appearance with an F Bomb or three thrown in.
 But I also love the message he had about the performing arts and its ability to offer a home to others society considers "different". It's a message that resonates with me very close to home.
"I was an outlier of sorts, desperate to find my place in this world. I found my home here in this world. I found my home here in the arts, a place that celebrated difference."
So good for you Samuel Johnson. I for one applaud you. We all do. Even Molly, at least I think so. Most of his speech I found impossible to understand.

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