Sunday, April 2, 2017

April 2. Day 92. Mug shot

It's no wonder Alfred Hitchcock made a horror film about birds. They are a nightmare. Actually not all birds are fitting for a crazy psycho-style movie. But the Ibis, they totally suck. I have long held that position but today was the nail in the coffin. An Ibis stole a piece of my pizza. The pizza from the cafe outside the Schonell Theatre has deservedly earned the reputation of awesome. I happened to find myself in the vicinity today so I decided pizza had to be on the menu. Now everyone knows Ibis are dirty, stinky opportunists. You never leave your food unattended and go and collect a straw or a serviette. They will swoop and steal without a second thought. But today they proved that even guarding your pizza with your body isn't enough. One little bugger undertook a snatch and grab of the like I've never seen before. It took a piece of pizza off my plate from right in front of my nose. I have included a mug shot or two for your reference. If you see this bird do not approach. It is armed with a sharp beak and is dangerous. In fact of it wasn't a protected species and I wasn't opposed to violence I'd say shoot on sight. Now I say don't say you weren't warned.

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