Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24. Day 114. I Wake Up with Today

 The morning after the night before. Without doubt there is many a secret from the Crown Palladium last night. Well here's a couple from the foyer this morning. If you had been watching The Today Show you would have seen a Logie's-weary Richard Wilkins deliver a piece to camera in front of a Coffee Club cart. Disposable coffee cup in hand he told viewers it was only thanks to Coffee Club coffee that they were able to power through. Not thanks to that cup, Richard. There was not, and never had been a drop of anything in there. He'd grabbed an empty cup from the cart as he prepared for the cross. Then just before they went live decided he's best put on a lid to complete the illusion. Just across the way on The Today Show couches, the rest of the team were grabbing a quick bite to eat or having hair and make-up fixes before the camera turned on them. Next up was Kerri-Anne Kennerley,who last night was inducted into the Logies Hall of Fame. I must say she was looking far too amazing for a person aged 63, especially as it was the morning after the night before. Perhaps there was something in her Coffee Club mug. Looking not so glam were comedy duo Hamish and Andy who "surprised" KaK by gatecrashing her segment still wearing bathrobes and looking very much worse for wear. Will someone please give those boys a coffee? Still one wonders why anyone would be surprised by the appearance of Hamish and Andy given they had all been in the Green Room together moments earlier and of course Hamish and Andy were all mic-ed up and ready to go. Still it made good TV and the crowd of onlookers didn't seem to care. After TV's night of nights a morning of a couple of liberties may have been forgiven perhaps everyone was too tired to notice.
*this is slightly different from the original published version which Blogger decided to delete  **Not happy Jan

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