Monday, April 10, 2017

April 10. Day 100. Sick puppy

Because I'm (occasionally) organised there was chicken breast in the fridge and a plan for dinner. But then things went to the dogs - literally. Little Winkle had a couple of massive vomits this morning. She seemed happy and crazy enough so I could have left it to see what happened. However Rumple was due his annual injections so a vet's visit needed to happen this week. And, of course, I am a neurotic dog owner so off we all went. The diagnosis was gastro and the desired treatment was a bland diet of boiled chicken breast and rice. When it's a choice of the sick puppy eating the prescribed diet and Susan's chicken Pad Thai, the puppy wins. Because that's what mums do. Our trip home from the vet took a detour to visit my friend who today brought her new baby home. While I admired the baby, Rumple and Winkle went to work amusing his big brother. Both the dogs and the three-year-old considered that to be a good deal.

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