Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 30. Day 120. Baby steps

There is nothing, nothing, more adorable than a sleeping baby. A new-born is a pink, kissable, squeezable bundle of cuteness. Those chubby fingers, those tiny toes - it is just too much. But let's be clear about one thing ... I don't want one (which is just as well given my age). But even if biology wasn't destiny, I still wouldn't want one. I am more than happy to cuddle, to babysit to love from a distance but just watching my friend with a three-year-old and a three-week-old is frankly exhausting.  And I'm already exhausted. And then when I hear about the nocturnal activities at their place I need a little lie down. And there's the problem. Because we talk about sleeping like a baby as though that's the best, most peaceful thing in the world. Sure in short, often very short, stretches. I am fond of saying laughingly "I slept like a baby ... I woke every two hours screaming". Not all that funny if that's the reality in your house. Of course, you blink and they're teenagers. But I've already taken those baby step and I have no desire to retrace them, thanks very much.

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