Thursday, March 9, 2017

March 9. Day 68. When I grow up

My Dad never much liked being a dentist. But what does a dentist do with the skills he has if not pull teeth? It's an interesting question and in an ever changing world so many of us will be forced to figure out what we are good at and what other ways those things might be employed. I discussed these issues in a two hour meeting with a former work colleague today. These days he's in the business of business advice. For someone like me the question might be this: How might I turn the things I do for nothing (all that social media, commentary, photography and writing for instance) into something that pays? Or if I wanted to lose the security of a fortnightly pay cheque what skills to I take with me that might be turned into a way to put food on the table? In case you are wondering, no I have no immediate plans to jump ship. BUT working out what I want to do when I grow up is something I ponder often - and then I decide I'm not ready to grow up. Fresh from lunch I found myself at South Bank where a bloke was very publicly dancing alone. He told me he wanted to one day be a dancer and that meant being prepared to practice and put yourself out there. So he was dancing on the lawns of South Bank. At least he has the courage to give it a go.

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