Monday, March 13, 2017

March 13. Day 72. Need a little lie down

Seriously I thought I had turned sleeping into an artform but it turns out my efforts are not as monumental as I believed. Enter Ron Mueck who quite frankly is a show off. His work In Bed is massive. It's huge by which I mean  1.6 metres high, 6.5 metres long and 4 metres wide and created by a sh*t load of polyester resin, fibreglass, polyurethane, horse hair and cotton. It dwarfs just about everything in one gallery of The Gallery of Modern Art. Like the woman in the installation I seriously believe in taking napping seriously. I am not one to doze off on the couch watching TV or slumped in a bean bag or during a movie. If a nap is needed, a proper nap is commissioned wherever possible. Others, I see, are more laissez faire about it. In and around the arts precinct at lunch time people were lying around. I was especially impressed by the woman napping on the bean bags at GOMA. It was National Napping Day, after all. To be fair they looked comfy, the air con is really cool and it's free. If need be there's also rather fast internet. For some, that's worth getting out of bed for.


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