Saturday, March 4, 2017

March 4. Day 63. Slow and steady

I think I might be a turtle. Here is my evidence. I am slow, tragically, notoriously slow. And yet there are exceptions such as when it comes to food. Do not try and come between me and a bowl of hot chips for instance. Then, like the turtles at the University of Queensland lakes today, I will practically climb over the bodies of those around me to get to that deep fried goodness. Then I will crawl back into my shell and be slow again. Like a turtle, I generally know when to stick my neck out and when to pull my head in. It's such a fine balance between self preservation and taking a stand. Get the balance right and people see you as neither a risk taker nor a coward. You are just doing your thing. But here's the clincher. There may be a hard exterior but really no-one is fooled. It's all soft and squidgy under that. And it takes very little to see it. Mention dogs, show a tissue ad, take away the bowl of chips and I'm putty. Also much of my life I feel like I'm submerged with just the nose above the water line sucking in air. Remember Susan. Slow and steady wins the race - what race I'm just not sure.

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