Tuesday, March 28, 2017

March 28. Day 87. Fashionably late

Generally I look the other way and try to act incredibly busy when people try to thrust brochures in my hand. But there's no need to be stupid about it. So there I was with a group of students in a news meeting when this bloke looking far too stylish for a university walked by. He was handing out brochures for a Fashion Society event - of course he was. And he didn't even look hot given the hideous heat of the day. He later explained that the fabric was far cooler than wool blend but even so. The students sniffed something worth pursuing so off they went and interviewed Cameron Arnold. This young man may be the head of the QUT Fashion Society but his study area is not fashion. He's area of expertise is Economics and Finance- and speaking like a stylist. The passion for clothing was remarkable. Given he had a big event to get to tonight he was remarkably generous with his time. He was probably really organised. But then again if he was late he would be fashionably late ....

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