Friday, March 10, 2017

Every Brilliant Thing. Review

British actor James Rowland after the show
What makes life worth living? It's a huge question and one that can't possibly be solved by one man in one hour. But asking the question is just as important as finding the answer and Every Brilliant Thing does this is a way that just might move you to tears (And by you I mean me, obviously). The premise is this. A seven-year-old is told his mum is in hospital. She ‘done something stupid’. She finds it hard to be happy. So he makes a list of all the brilliant things in the world like ice cream and staying up late. As he ages, so does his understanding and so the list grows. This feels like it is biographical but it isn't. British actor James Rowland - performing the one man show for the first time in Brisbane - really feels like he is revealing his struggle. There's such a truth. It is so real, so raw. The real surprise is, however, that this intimate production about depression is also really, really funny. Add this to the list of things you must do this week and take a teenager you care about with you if you can. You won't regret is.
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 Inspired by Every Brilliant Thing, you're being asked to share one brilliant thing that you think makes life worth living. Use the #BrilliantThingsProject hashtag on Instagram or Twitter, or visit qpac.com.au/the-creatory
So in no particular order, the first 10 things that came into my head:
  1. Dogs 
  2. Walking on the beach
  3. Sleeping in
  4. Afternoon naps
  5. The smell of a baby
  6. A child's giggle
  7. Food someone else cooks and washes up afterwards
  8. Nailing an awesome photo 
  9. The collective electricity in an audience when the lights go down
  10. Mail without any window envelopes

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