Friday, March 31, 2017

March 31. Day 90. I spy

Take  a look at this picture. Go on. What do you see? Wrong. What you see is a noisy miner who hates mince. But hang on, I hear you say (yes I do often have conversations with myself actually), that noisy miner has mince in its mouth and it seems quite happy. How do you know it hates mince? Because Margaret my 89-year-old neighbour told me and she is a self-appointed expert on these things. This mince is curly and will not form nice balls when rolled. These are cardinal sins of mince and happen when you buy the wrong mince. I try not to find myself irritated by such things but some days I just do. When you do all of someone's shopping a little more gratitude might be in order. Mostly, however, the insanity of the shopping situation just amuses me.  I also know that Margaret would be horrified if she thought her comments were anything other than constructive. None of which matters at all to our miner. It was just happy to get away with the mince.

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