Sunday, March 5, 2017

March 5. Day 64. Angels and Demons

Devil at home. Angel outside. Take Winkle for a walk and people are drawn to that angelic little face and then she will come home and eat toilet paper or underwear or socks or pens. And then she will go and attack Rumple. She can be a right little demon. But she gets away with it because of that outrageous cuteness and her incredible ability to suck up. Just check her out sucking up to Margaret next door. Miss Winkle knows there's a container of mince sitting next to Margaret. She wants the mince and she wants a pat - in that order. But she's learned that the rewards will be far greater if she delivers on the cuddles first. And so she delivers in spades and she laps up the love and affection. And the rewards go both ways.

Angels and Demons 2: Southern Cross Soloists Review

From high above the audience in the  balcony the haunting sounds of  flute wafts down - music from the heavens. The sound mingles with with the Chamber Orchestra ensemble with not one of the players more than a few metres away. Welcome to Angels and Demons the first of the Southern Cross Soloists performances for 2017. The Southern Cross Soloists are a QPAC Company in Residence, performing in the magnifent Concert Hall. But for their concerts the venue is in its more intimate reverse mode. The audience sits of the choir rises on the stage for a very up close and personal performance experience. Narrator Damin Beaumont, whose speaking voice is in itself a beautiful instument leads, the audience through a musical journey of orchesrtal works insprired by heaven and hell. Rachmaninov, Tavenor, Mozart and a quite extraordinary Liszt piano concerto all form part of a sublime program. The main complaint? False advertising. Where were the demons? This was heaven sent.

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