Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March 14. Day 73. Infinite possibilities

Infinite possibilities existing together: Director Kat Henry

I reckon we suffer from warning fatigue to the point that it becomes just Blah Blah nudity, Blah Blah course language, Blah Blah stylized cartoon violence. My theory is it comes from being a litigious society. Well here's my warning for you. Take the warning on Constellations, the new production by Queensland Theatre, seriously.  This production contains adult themes (coarse language, sexual references, assisted suicide/ euthanasia). For help or information contact: Lifeline 131 114, beyondblue 1300 224 636, SuicideLine 1300 651 251. 
Which makes it sound all dire and heavy going and it is - except when it isn't. Because here is the genius of Constellations. This is a play about quantum physics and multiverse theory where "every choice you've ever and never made exists in an unimaginably vast ensemble of parallel universes". So it's a love story and a story of love gone wrong and love that might have been of regrets and no regrets all at the same time. It took me right to my dying father's bedside where all those "I wish I'd said" and "I wish I hadn't said" exist in parallel and simultaneously and the tears flowed. Of course in another multiverse version, this play could be dire. The same scenes played over and over with slight variations in words, in intonations, in body language in outcomes could be boring as batshit. Perhaps for some in the audience it was. Perhaps on another night in another mood I would have felt the same. But not tonight. Tonight was a celebration of art meets science (it's the first World Science Festival event and a co production with the Queensland Museum). I loved it at every level Rating 5/5
And one last warning. Not one of the infinite possibilities played out on the Bille Brown Studio stage involves people arriving late. They won't let you in.
Constellations by Queensland Theatre plays at the Bille Brown Studio until April 9 before touring regionally 

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