Monday, March 6, 2017

March 6. Day 65. Feeling hot, hot, hot

 It's mid March for goodness sake. That makes it Autumn. Someone needs to remind the weather gods of this small technical point. It is still stinking hot. In fact it is so hot that when Adele played in town on the weekend she said she wasn't cut out for the weather. "Even my eyelids are sweating," she said. Well here's the thing, Adele. All our eyelids are sweating. Big rivers of sweat are pouring off all our bits. Even the lizards are submerging themselves in water it's so hot. And in my case the sweat count is not improved by the amount of work I have on. Like most people there are times when I think two hands are not enough. I was reflecting on this when I spent a spare second in the Nepalese Peace Palace at South Bank this afternoon. This building is one of the few remaining from when Expo 88 was held in Brisbane and is now listed on the State Heritage Register. The intricate woodcarving was undertaken by Nepalese craftspeople and the building is beautiful in its own right. But I was particularly drawn to the carving of the god with many arms. Why aren't we mere mortals given the same advantages? So we struggle on and make the best of the arms and the hours we were given and ask ourselves what in god's name would motivate a person to agree to a Tupperware party?

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