Thursday, March 30, 2017

March 30. Day 89. Wet, wet, wet

What to do if you find yourself caught between a rock and a hard place - or more specifically between a torrential downpour and two dogs? Tough call. The butcher bird tried a) and then b). My back deck seemed like a dry place to ride out the storm and it would have been. The problem wasn't the moisture. The problem was the two small and furry creatures who love a good game of chase the bird. in the canine world my dogs might be on the pathetic size but when you are a bird and they are barking you are not likely to take any chances. So just as I was lining up a photo, the butcher bird flew off. Today was my lucky day. I missed the shot but I got THE shot and I managed to get it while following the advice of the emergency services to stay home. Yay me. I'm pretty sure the butcher bird avoided any weather damage too. The sheltered pool area has become a make shift aviary. The precious pooches won't travel that far because their paws will get wet.

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