Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March 21. Day 80. Open mouth

When you work around a university, especially one with a fashion department, you grow very used to the idea that just about anyone can get away with wearing just about anything. But even on campus there are limits - or so I thought. To be fair I wasn't exactly on campus but in a community garden between university precincts. Here's the weird thing, in one corner there was a scarecrow, the point of which, I assume was to keep birds away. In another corner was a bloke in his undies feeding bread to the turkeys. It has to be said the sight of a bloke in nothing but his smalls was far more terrifying than the scarecrow. But he was all for encouraging not scaring off the birds. Of course he would have been trying to kill them with kindness. Scrub turkeys are particularly unpopular and wildlife experts strenuously warn against feeding human food to native animals. But I suspect not. A man in his undies doesn't strike me as the type of bloke likely to care much about what other think.

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