Monday, March 20, 2017

March 20. Day 79. Rain, rain go away

 We really needed rain. Everyone has been praying for rain. And we poor city folk were excited - for about 20 seconds. And then it just because tiresome. Today the rain came and went. Came and went. It seemed to want to come at the moments I needed to move about in the great outdoors and go when I was safely inside. Well not entirely. I had promised to take my neighbour Margaret to the dentist. Given just how long it takes to get her into and out of a taxi it would have been a slow and very, very soggy expedition. But on that errand at least the rain held off. Others were not so lucky. Later in the day outside the ABC at South Bank I watched people dealing with the rain. There was quite a lot of standing around waiting for the tropical downpour to ease. Then people would give up and run. Despite a long time standing conducting surveillance the number of people I saw running straight into a large puddle was extraordinary. There will be a lot of very wet footwear in Brisbane tonight. I remind myself we needed the rain and I believe it right until I get another whiff or wet footwear.

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