Thursday, March 2, 2017

March 2. Day 61. Flagging spirits

If my spirits weren't flagging already today, this tweet that popped up did it: "More staffroom fun: people keep mistaking me for a student and question my right to access the staff biscuit supply".
This is seriously depressing because 1). There is zero chance anyone would mistake me for a student ans
2). It is so long since we had a staff biscuit supply I can scarcely remember what one is. This may also have something to do with my age. See point one.
Seriously, when you've been working in the same place for approaching 19 years people tend to recognise your face. Honestly I couldn't keep doing it if it wasn't for all the new challenges, people and things that pop up often literally. Right now around the Creative Industries Precinct, public art is sprouting like mushrooms. It's all part of an art in public spaces program. Yay, even if some of the young artists seem to want to make a point about how old some of the relics around the place are.

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