Thursday, March 16, 2017

March 16. Day 75. Eat up

 I have a healthy appetite by which I mean I am a greedy pig. Seriously While some people have food fears, I fear not eating far more. As I watch things such as I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and see people getting all precious about eating things such as slugs I think "get over yourself". Why are snails and frogs legs officially food but other creepy crawlies, not so much? Tradition only, I reckon. I'd give it a go. I'd fear getting back to camp and having nothing to eat but two lentils and a chick pea. That would kill me. Deny me of food, the blood sugar drops and the hangry animal comes out. A hungry/angry Susan is not a creature you'd like to meet on a dark night. Actually, I hungry/angry Susan is not someone you'd ever like to meet. When I see other creatures attack food I see me. The gusto with which the little corellas I saw this afternoon were attacking their leaves rather reminded me with a bowl of pasta or a pie. There was no stopping them and the noises of contentment were something else. Bless their little greedy beaks. We are birds of a feather ...

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