Saturday, March 11, 2017

March 11. Day 70. I Scream for Ice Cream

The other night, at the inspiration of the play Every Brilliant Thing I made a list of things I find brilliant. In the production the number one thing our protagonist finds brilliant is ice cream. It didn't make my top 10 but had my list continued, ice cream totally would have made the cut. Also on the list would have been festivals. I love a good festival. So an ice cream festival - well that has to be a little bit awesome. It would appear I am not the only one. The tickets were free but you had to register. My husband, who is the real ice cream addict in our house, snapped some up. Which made us among the lucky ones. The tickets became hot property with people willing to pay to get their hands one. As it turns out this led to a few people having a bit of a melt down. The "bit" of a melt down turned into the full ice cream drip with reports of many of those with tickets failed to show up. Even so it was pretty hot and crowded in the historic Peters Ice Cream Factory where the festival was held. Any more and it would have been unbearable even with the addition of ice cream. But considering the heat and the queues people were pretty good natured about it. After all, if you have a golden ticket like Charlie and his Chocolate Factory it would be wrong to throw a tantrum of the likes of Veruca Salt. Social media was awash with complaints about the ticketing, about the crowding, about the organisers. If I'd had small children or travelled a long way I may have been less generous. What the festival showed was that Brisbane-ites have a big appetite for ice cream and a big intolerance for poor organisation. My guess is the festival will be back with a few modifications.

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