Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7. Day 341. The Graduate

In her graduation speech on behalf of the class of 2015, the delightful Journalism student Lizzie Cramsie praised the QUT teaching staff saying we went above and beyond and made the effort to know each student as an individual and not just as a student number. She also praised the 24 hour student labs and the foresight the university had in positioning the said labs close to both Nando's and Subway. I like to think both of these things are true (the location of the fast food joints can not be challenged. Whether this was part of the university master plan is less certain but we shall take the credit none the less). Anyway,  I do know the students although remembering names is not always a strong point. I tell them that on day one. And after between three and five years, most of them know me pretty well too. They know the name of my son and my dog(s) and most express no surprise at all when I order request they pose in some strange way for a photo for my blog. They know me too well. They also know that even though they now hold a graduation certificate it is easier to just agree. So when I gathered a group of graduating journalism students and frogmarched them to the Cultural Centre forecourt for a hat throwing jump pic they just went along with it. I love them for that. Although graduation ceremonies are especially tedious, I love the opportunity to congratulate and farewell another group of students. I wish each and every one of them great success in the future and order them to keep in touch.

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