Friday, December 18, 2015

December 18. Day 352. A cracking performance

Waiting, waiting

The words that came out of my mouth as my face headed for the concrete pool tiles were not attractive, I admit. The thoughts were far more admirable. I must get the puppy out of the pool. I must save the blue tongue lizard from the dog or vice versa. I must not smash or swamp my iPhone (yes, tragically, that was a thought. Afterwards the thoughts were (in no particular order) "sh*t that hurt", "I can taste blood", "Hey, Winkle can swim" and "I don't think I've broken bones, teeth or the phone. Result". It was one of those stupid things that you couldn't repeat if you tried and no-one would believe if it was the plot of a soap opera or an explanation in the witness box. Later in the day I realised how lucky I was. Lucky I didn't break anything. Lucky my head missed the big concrete planters just beyond where I fell. Lucky the blue tongue will be able to regrow the 10 centimetre length of tail I found on the couch. Lucky I got to Winkle in time and also lucky that no-one who knows me or my family would doubt my story. Plenty of women with battered, bloody and bruised faces are not so lucky. It did mean that eating at the planned get together in the evening was a little difficult. It didn't matter. There was plenty of soft food and the champagne helped. It was one of those special evenings where three families who had known each other since our kids were in day care gathered to eat, drink and watch the clock tick down until the high school results went online at midnight. Being able to celebrate such a milestone with special friends is indeed lucky and the looks on all the happy faces as the results were posted was priceless. Some days you really are lucky to be alive.

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