Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14. Day 348. The owls and the puppy dogs

There's nothing life a funeral to make you think about life and the things that you celebrate about life. Inevitably that will lead you to think about what people consider makes you tick. I reckon you don't need the wisdom of an owl to work me out. To quote that lesser known and chronically under appreciated musical The Addams Family "It's family first and family last
And family by and by".  Family, by my definition, does not just involve the humans. In our home, the dogs are people too with the same rights and none of the responsibilities of the two legged family members. How you treat your family and friends and indeed how you treat animals, all those things say a whole lot about you. So post funeral, I took the dogs for a walk and visited my friend Christy, her dog Charlie and the owls that live in her tree. Those feathered friends modelled the best thing in life - cuddling up close to those who matter and watching the world going by on a lazy Monday afternoon.

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