Sunday, December 20, 2015

December 20. Day 354. About time

 How many times have you left a gathering of friends or relatives and said "we must do this more often". You say it because you mean it (well usually. Sometimes your fingers might be crossed behind your back). But even though you mean it, the days turn to weeks and the weeks to months or often years but it doesn't happen. Life gets in the way of good intentions. Today, the stars and the good intentions aligned and a group inlcuding my aunt and uncle, cousins and their kids ad my lot gathered at my house for a pre-Christmas and because-we-should get-together. It was a "everyone-bring-a-plate" low stress affair which is befitting a Sunday afternoon a few days before Christmas. There was lots of chatter and catching up and of course eating. Naturally because it's me, the day also included a vomiting dog, a puppy who needed washing because of poo and an inability to find a pasty brush. But in the end none of that mattered and we all promised to do it again soon.

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