Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 15. Day 349. With a big bear bum

It may make me old fashioned, or a prude or perhaps both but I fear public nudity like others might fear public speaking. I don't have a problem if others want to get their kit off but it certainly is not something I aspire to, at all, ever. My darling son, however, tells me that a role which involves nudity is an actor's right of passage. He's looked at the 2016 program of Arts Theatre and spied with great excitement Equus which saw Daniel Radcliffe strip and ditch the Harry Potter good boy image. And at Centenary Theatre there's a role that involves a bare male bum. But that's in the future for now it's a children's panto Santa Rocks at Studio Theatre. He's DJ Bear, a character who farts, scratches his bits and has questionable hygiene and is a music genius. He's enjoyed choreographing one number, leading vocal warm ups and "kid wrangling" the young cast but I secretly suspect he just want to try showing his bear bum on stage .....

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