Wednesday, December 23, 2015

December 23. Day 357. Making a splash

For a while there it looked like playing with the hose in the back yard with the home was a pleasure from the past, never to be repeated. Ongoing drought and dam levels below 20 per cent meant sprinklers were banned and hoses on the severely endangered list. And then we all installed water tanks and water efficient devices and it rained (at least in the city). Never again will we take water for granted in the way we once did but making a splash with the hose no longer has you on a most wanted list. And thank God for that. Few things make a summer like a bit of water play. For added fun get mum with the hose. Extra points if you can soak the crazy visitor with the camera. Smiles and wet bums all round. At this time of year when shopping = stress everyone can do with a bit of a cooling off.

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