Sunday, December 13, 2015

December 13. Day 347. Such a drama

The whole nature/nurture thing is all very well as a theory but how it plays out in real life is often less easy to explain. Such as the theatre gene. My brother and I share the same genes and more or less the same upbringing (he was, of course, the privileged one given he was the baby and the only boy). Anyway we had the same exposure to the performing arts and to sports and yet he is an elite sports professional and I hang with theatre types. I spoke to baby bro Michael this afternoon just after he left the Oceania Diving Championships and I left the 2016 Centenary Theatre season launch. I told him I had New Year's Eve tickets to Les Miserable and he could join us if he liked. Good taste prevents me from quoting the exact words he used in his reply but I think it had something to do with sticking pins in his eyes. Go figure. He said he'd tried to watch the movie but had managed about five minutes. No accounting for taste, I reckon. Still I'm thinking there's no point in inviting him to be my plus one at any of the Centenary Theatre productions next year even though they all look pretty awesome. It's just as well the theatre gene has been passed on from me to my son, the boy loving known by me as Drama Teen.  Life for him has always been a production.

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