Thursday, December 17, 2015

December 17. Day 351. Let them eat cake

You know how most people are either a sweet or a savory person? In this I consider myself to be an over-achiever. I like it both ways, depending on the day, my mood or what's in the fridge that doesn't look like it will result in salmonella poisoning. In the end the food choice I make will almost inevitably be based on which is the worst for me or which has the most calories or both. But given all those variables, cake still has a special place. Cake just looks as awesome as it tastes and in the case of the batch whipped up in my kitchen this afternoon that is especially awesome. To be clear, they were whipped up in my kitchen but not by me. The lovely Christy is the baker and cake boss. I just made encouraging noises an a great big mess as I rolled rum balls. And this is what makes Christmas special. Hanging around the kitchen, making food, sharing food, chatting over food and eating cake.
*I only managed to damage one cake in my  less than adequate attempts at food styling. I was forced to eat it.

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