Saturday, December 12, 2015

December 12. Day 346. I'm a believer

The way I see it, the issue is not so much what YOU believe as how you behave and how you treat the beliefs of others. Believing is meaningless unless you follow it up with actions, meaningful actions. I know, uncharacteristically deep and philosophical. What brought this on? I hear you ask. Well, mainly Josh Williamson a Baptist street evangelist  who was preaching in the Queen Street Mall tonight. Tough gig. The Saturday night crowd was not giving him a lot of love. Some, such as my husband, were giving him a bit of lip. He was giving as good as he got. Catholicism is as bad as Islam, the Pope is an agent of the devil. Blah. Blah. For what it's worth I think having the courage of your convictions is worthy. Tearing down the faith of others, not so much. It's about tolerance and respect. That applies to religion and indeed to most aspects of life. Like playing bridge. Not my thing. At all. But I respect my husband's right to play it with passion. On occasion, like tonight, I will even turn up to bridge events. Most of the people there are, unsurprisingly, bridge people. For the most part, however, they will avoid talking bridge to those who don't play. Respecting the life choices of others provided they are not hurting anyone is how civilised people behave. So if I want to head straight to the dessert table at the buffet restaurant and there's still enough for everyone I believe that's fair game. Others may think it's a bridge too far.

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