Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December 30. Day 364. Games people play

If there's one thing you learn when you have kids it's that body bits and functions are extraordinarily funny. Wee, poo, bum, fart - all these words will have small (and frankly not so small) children smirking. Other people use "say cheese" to make children smile in photos. I prefer to say the always hilarious "stinky undies". Other cases in point. The day when we went to the zoo and the highlight was the elephant doing a wee. The beautiful nativity play we saw where the highlight was the camel pooping. The steam train ride where the highlight was learning that anything you did on the train loo used to end up on the track. Hours of enjoyment. Recently the cousins discovered Cards Against Humanity, a game at my place Rated 17 plus because of its thoroughly inappropriate content. They wanted to play it. We refused. Point blank. Then we decided there was quite a number of just silly cards so we could take out the rude ones and let them play. The problem is that many of the ideas went above their heads. I mean when you are 12 trying to find a card that could finish the sentence "Christmas has been ruined by secular liberals and their ...." is kind of impossible. So almost every time they would find a card to such as "loud farts" to finish the sentence and laugh a lot. We decided it might be best to put the game away for a few years. They decided they wanted to play again. Solution. I created my own cards packed full of non sexual toilet humour. So if the game card played was "You think your mum is embarrassing well my mum just...." you might play a card that says "can burp the alphabet" or "has explosive diarrhoea" or even "did the chicken dance near the frozen chickens in Coles". Classy (not). If you didn't like any in your hand you could also write your own.
I wrote hundreds of these little beauties, printed them out as cards and tonight the card game Verbal Diarrhoea had its debut. Result laughing, the need for Ventolin and spitting a drink or two (and that was just me). Success, proving once again toilet humour wins. I am pretty sure, however, Parker Bros will never make this into a game.

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