Thursday, December 10, 2015

December 10. Day 344. Mad dogs

Here is an important public service announcement. If you are taking the dogs for a walk in a puppy pram, make sure they are securely fastened inside or one might be inclined to jump out and chase ducks. "Thank-you," I hear you say. "Good advice, so relevant to just about no-one I know or am ever likely to meet". It's okay, I get it. Normal people do not own puppy prams but the fact they exist and are sold in pet stores points to the fact that I am not the only one (sure they did sell it to me at a super bargain price because it had been waiting a buyer for a number of years but that's not important right now). What is important is that the puppy pram is a perfectly suitable if completely eccentric way of transporting dogs. It doesn't hurt anyone. The dogs rather enjoy it and I still get the walk I need. People look at me like I'm mad but are mostly good humoured about it. You see them sneak a glance into the pram and then laugh. "Dogs?!" I heard more than once. One woman even explained to her toddler that it was "deux chiens" on board. Some point out that taking the dogs for a walk normally involves the dogs walking. This is true.We just don't always do it that way. Besides once we were at the lakes I did put the fur friends on their leads and they got to frolic a bit. Many people probably think I'm barking mad. It wouldn't be the first time. The other creatures showed no interest at all going about their business seemingly oblivious to pram-pushed pooches. I see that as a win all round.


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