Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 31. Day 365. Resolutions

 Right, that's 2015 over then. I shall write my own report card to self. "Must try harder" or perhaps "must stop trying so hard". It's not easy to tell. Anyway if I had to make a resolution different from the "lose weight and exercise more "I make every year it would be try to make more time to try and enjoy the little things - and give oneself permission to enjoy them". I mean look at my favourite little man Elliott enjoying swinging between two hands. Why do we forget that. Oh, that's right. Work, washing, Woolworths and life and the responsibilities that go with that. So here is my summary of 2015

This year
Survived her 17th year as an academic emerging with a Vice Chancellors Excellence Award accompanied by a $6000 prize cheque to show for it
Fooled no-one when she “protested” about having to carry Rumple on their walks
Was able to tick off  hiking the Great Ocean Road track to the 12 Apostles from her bucket list
Ate her weight in bacon and eggs as part of a new high protein diet
Still hasn’t managed to lose the last five kilos
Said “Year12 will be the death of me” rather a lot
Survived two work trips to Sri Lanka emerging with memories of Sri Lankan traffic and elephant rides to show for it
Fooled no-one when he “protested” about having to go to Sri Lanka for work
Was able to tick off going to a one-day cricket match in Sri Lanka from his bucket list
Ate his weight in airline food during frequent work trips
Still hasn’t reached bridge grand master status
Said “ I’m flying to….Biloela, Rockhampton , Gladstone, Sydney or Sri Lanka “ rather a lot

Survived his high school years and emerged with a Senior Certificate and an impressive OP of 6 to show for it
Fooled no-one when he “protested” about having to wear a dress on stage for an ugly step sister role
Was able to tick off gaining one of only 15 places in a full time acting course from his bucket list
Ate his weight in white chocolate cheese cake, the food discovery for the year
Still hasn’t managed to convince a girl to go out with him
Said “do you know any attractive, young available women” rather a lot

Rumple (and Winkle)
Survived a fight with a blue tongue lizard and emerged with 10 centimetres of lizard tail to show for it
Fooled no-one when “protesting” about the arrival of the puppy Winkle
Was able to tick off actually catching some creature you are chasing from his bucket list
Ate his weight in Schmackos
Still hasn’t managed to catch one of the chickens that live next door
Said “okay, the joke’s over you can send that fur ball back now” rather a lot

And of course the exercise more and lose weight resolution stays. This year, it might actually happen

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