Thursday, December 3, 2015

December 3. Day 337. In a flap

I knew there was a reason I had only one child (actually the reasons are numerous and complicated but in the interests of creative story telling let's go with one). Back to the story. One pair of hands per parent. One child. Seems like the right balance. More and the little loves can divide and conquer. So it was today with the fur family. Drama Teen had to be at the Schonell Theatre at 4pm. That meant either a drive along the traffic nightmare that is Coronation Drive at peak hour or a walk across the Eleanor Schonell pedestrian bridge. No contest. The bridge it is. Take the dogs .... it will be nice ... or so we thought. Since Rumple won't walk and Winkle can't we had a strategy. A new puppy pram for Rumple and the puppy pouch for Winkle. Winkle had other plans. She repeatedly clawed her way out of the pouch. Rumple was not exactly thrilled by the pram either but with two humans it worked okay. The return visit with me alone was another story. Two dogs in the pram, I decided. I put Rumple on the lead and tied it to the pram handle while I sorted Winkle. He chased a bird, tipping the pram on its side allowing Winkle to crawl out. Audible expletive from me.  Eventually I gathered both dogs and secured them in the pram. They wrestled and protested and attempted to climb out. Rumple was quite determined to chase birds. Winkle was quite determined to chase Rumple. Susan was in a flap and then they stopped. Winkle went to sleep. Rumple decided to enjoy the view and the free ride. Susan decided she was an awesome mother and the birds realised they were never at any risk.

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