Sunday, December 27, 2015

December 27. Day 361. Nifty at 50

Children are supposed to keep you young, well that's the plan. For some it works far better than others. For some (here I am talking about me) I am pretty sure it leads to premature aging and possibly lots of grey hair (an arrangement I have with my hairdresser means I plan to not be sure on that point). Anyway, for my friend Alison it has clearly worked a treat. Today was Alison's 50th birthday and she is in the somewhat unusual position of being the mum of a toddler. I get tired just thinking about that (I also get tired thinking about what to cook for dinner but I digress). Motherhood has treated her well and it was a great delight to celebrate her birthday with he son and her mum (there were also a couple of flies but we refused to let them spoil the party). So happy birthday to my dear friend. May there be many more.

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