Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28. Day 362. First steps

It is the season of excess and in this my cup has runneth over. It's not as though I have been drinking myself into a coma every night (or indeed any night) but enough is enough. Today after sleeping in until until 3pm I decided to reclaim a small bit of normality.
Step one, a walk. In fact, I had two walks and for the first time in about two weeks I actually managed to achieve the 14,285 steps set as my Fitbit target. Once again I have proved to myself something I have long known but often need to re-establish, exercise is good for my mental health.
The flipside to this is that lack of exercise is exceptionally bad for me.
I had planned to turn over a new leaf on new year's day but I fear this is not only cliched but also a delay of three days that is neither advisable nor necessary.
There is still far too much chocolate and cake in the house for me to be a reformed individual but a girl has to start somewhere and here is good enough.

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