Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December 16. Day 350. Size doesn't matter

Of course size matters. The difference between a small fries and a large one matters. The difference between a dress in a size that fits and one that doesn't matters. But while size matters it doesn't have to mean everything. Plenty of people perform well above their weight. You can refuse to let size define you for good or evil. For example, the small man syndrome. It's a thing. Some men who are small in stature over compensate by being great, big arseholes. I've met plenty of them in my time. There was a baby ibis in the Botanic Gardens today who I reckon has avian attitude problems. It was making an awful lot of noise none of which seemed justified. It didn't have much weight but it was throwing it around all over the place. And then there's Winkle, the new puppy. That little fur ball refuses to let her small size get in the way of her performance. She claws her way up on the lounge chair, because Rumple does. She somehow manages to climb her way into the car, because Rumple does. She walks to South Bank and back trotting at pace with her tail in the air. She only whinges when we stop at the lights. Rumple, the city boy he is, knows you have to wait until the tone at the crossing changes. Winkle has yet to figure that bit out and can see no good reason to stop. My tip is that little one is destined for big things.

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