Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 15. Day 258. That has to hurt

Painful kind of day.
That has to hurt #1. 4am. Rumple starts doing crazy barking, in an imitation of something akin to Skippy or Lassie. "What's that Rump? Margaret has slipped on the path while collecting The Courier-Mail. She's in the garden and can't get up. I need to go and help her".  At Rumple's insistence I was able to launch a rescue mission and restore my 87-year-old neighbour to an upright position and back inside. I think she loves Rumple even more than before, if that's possible.
That has to hurt #2 10.30am
GP's surgery. "Take a big breath and cough," I'm instructed.  It hurts like hell. It's the cough of death I've been trying to ignore for some time. The GP describes it as "disgusting", and writes both an antibiotic prescription and a medical certificate and orders me to come back for a chest x-ray if there is any sign of deterioration.
That has to hurt #3 5pm
I'm checking out the buskers at South Bank when I recognise Melon the Human. I saw him at the Brisbane Fringe Festival a few weeks back and thought he was awesome. I also love his story. He was a school teacher before running away to China to circus school. Now he's back in Brisbane amusing crowds with an act which has to hurt. A lot. At least it took my mind off the pain in the lungs for a bit.

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  1. You will not get any better if you don't do what the quack said, Susan. Get to bed with hot lemon, honey and perhaps rum and stay there, perhaps with Sir R.
    Cheers and get better soon!!